Thursday, 9 January 2014

5 ways to tell your loved ones you are travelling again

For travel addicts like me, we are often met with people who cannot understand our need to travel. Especially so in my hometown – Singapore, people are living in a fast paced life based on pragmatism. However, like an ecstasy, words cannot explain the lust to travel quite enough.

1.       Invite them
The simplest way I found out to break new travelling news to my parents was to simply invite them. However, be very careful to tell them what you are expecting to accomplish during the trip and make sure they understand what they signed up for. Emphasize on mountain climbing, skiing, diving, anything you might find overwhelming for them.

2.       We don’t live forever.
Our lives are only as long as it lasted. Be brave. Make peace with them regarding your travelling, meaning you have to be responsible with your own travelling expenses including living expenses, and make it a point to tell them.

3.       I will not travel forever.
Make plans to always come home after every trip. They miss you more than you can imagine, especially your love ones. Telling them that you are not going to travel forever helps to reassure them any insecurity they have.

4.       Tell them you will still love them, or even more, even as you travel.
Make simple gestures to tell your loved ones that you have not left them behind in your old lives. One reason why I think parents fear their child travelling more than they should is because they fear they might not be a part of your exciting and adventurous future. Write postcards. Send pictures. Send your love.

5.       Share with them the attractiveness of your destinations.
Loved ones will share the joy and excitement you truly enjoy in these simple pleasures. My mother was a very conservative woman. When I shared with her how I went skydiving, how we went road trips into roads uncharted on maps, and that I am going to swim with whale sharks, her eyes widen with horror turned joy as mine did with nothing but pure happiness. 

Skydiving in Mexico

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