Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Life isn't beautiful

It's filled with hundreds of heart wrenching heartbreak, gallons of tears and countless failures. But akin to a pouring thunderstorm, the sun will shine one day. Like a winding hill, there's ups and down in all our lives.

But smooth sailing lives wouldn't be an exciting life.

Without the efforts, hardwork and countless failures, we are unable to appreciate what we achieve each day. It is no feat for most to see, to hear and to run. But for many, opening their eyes to see for the first time in their lives have brought a whole new meaning to them.

Life is hard. Life is full of negativity and sometimes it will knock you down. But struggle makes us stronger and change make us wiser. We are all given a powerful tool called choice, a choice to react, a choice to choose, how would we let these experiences and events define our lives.

Because life isn't beautiful as we imagine. Life is beautiful in ways we couldn't.

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