Sunday, 4 May 2014

Cebu: An Unexpected Journey

Our stay in Cebu city is a really short one. But I really need to emphasize on the hotel that we stayed in, and usually it could only meant extremely good or bad. Well, in this case, *drum roll* I find the services in the hotel I stayed in was extremely good, on top of the fact that it is situated right in the city area and the price was economical.

But it was about 40min drive from the airport and there was no transfer, we took a cab. We researched and realized most of the hotels residing at the main city area do not provide airport transfer. But Wellcome hotel is rather established since the cabbies all knew where I was referring to, so you don’t have to worry that its some ulu (singlish: secluded) hotel.

So as we reached the hotel, the first great new came in! They upgraded us to a deluxe room! Whee! They also have this small roof pool which was amazing with a sunbed overlooking the crowded city life.

As we only have a short night stay here in Cebu, we washed up and we left for our sumptuous dinner as the 2nd great news came!!As we were asking for directions to the mall, the kind receptionist offered to give us a ride there!

It was really unexpected because she was actually explaining how it only took less than 10min walk to the mall and next moment as we knew it, she was already waving to her colleague and telling them to bring us there. For this issue, I really need to comment and compliment their service. AND YOU KNOW WHAT?! They gave me a name card for me to call them to pick us up when we are done. How sweet!!!

And so after the mall, a sweet night rest and a sumptuous breakfast buffet at this very hospitable hotel, we end our journey in Cebu.

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