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5 things to do in uniquely Singapore. Be a tourist today!

So Singapore has been name as the Number 1 country to visit in 2015 according to the Lonely Planet. Awesome news just in time for our 50 anniversary but HOW DID THIS HAPPEN? I believe most of you will be wondering about this question. So I did a little research and guess what, Lonely Planet has summed up what I thought was the most beautiful description of Singapore while we, the locals has been taking for granted since forever. (Read more:

I love how Cristian Bonetto describes the “sharp and constant contrasts” in our entire neighbourhood where you see a church built beside a temple and a mosque. I have no doubt that many countries would be able to construct such a high level of religion tolerance around the globe.
And like a light that dawned on me, I realised these are all so true, the talk about garden city, food paradise, even more so with the recent cafes popping up in every street, adding a tone of uniqueness in our small little red dot.

For a country jammed packed with activities ranging from Universal Studios to Trick Art Museum, or our world renowned Marina Bay Sands or Sentosa Island, I am proposing 5 other top things to do in Singapore for you to appreciate what we have taken for granted!

       Explore our islands
Yes, you may have heard over and over again Pulau Ubin. But did you appreciate the dying out of our motor boatmen who ferry us from mainland to the island and back? Comb the winding roads in bicycles in the safety of our small country or immerse in the beautiful beaches at Lazarus Island. Otherwise, why not travel to Sister’s island for a relaxing day off. You can even snorkel there!! Talk about cheap thrill. Lol.

Lazarus Island (Credit:

        Take a local tour
How much do you know our own history and culture? Funny how tourists are often better at a country’s culture and history (since they’re always the ones who went for tours). Take a heritage tour and pretend to be a tourist while at the comforts of your home country today!

Chinatown (Credits: 

To be honest, nothing’s wrong trying to pretend to be a tourist for a day and go around taking photos of our beautiful country. Like what Cristian Bonetto mentioned, head down to Tanjong Pagar to be immersed in the sharp contrast between our premium public housing (HDB) in the backdrop of the conserved shophouses. Or, stroll along the banks of Kallang River to be mesmerised by the night view of our ever stunning Marina Bay Sands and Helix Bridge.

Helix Bridge

        Museum Hopping
As you know, Singapore is really small, imagine travelling from one end to the other in less than 2 hours ride. Go museum hopping in Singapore, you can easily visit 3 museums in a day! From the renowned new ArtScience Museum to the lesser know toy museum and Changi Museum or the Singapore Airforce museum, plan your itinerary now!

Toy Museum

        Café Hopping
Another uniquely Singapore experience, personally I like this one most. It coincides with our nature of being a food lover. Unlike huge coffee chains like Starbucks or The Coffee Bean, which are still beaming with people, take a day or 2 to go around café hopping. Be it a rainbow cake, or a 3D coffee art, you will bound to find something interesting, if not, delicious to surrender to your sinful indulgence.

Shop wonderland (Credits:

Visit soon to get ideas for a 1 day itinerary to fight really boring days!!

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